Smog Checks in California Bite the Dust

The provision in the California state legislation that would require smog checks on motorcycles has been dropped out of the bill.  According to the Sacramento Bee:

The state Senate approved the legislation by Sen. Fran Pavley on Monday after she agreed to scale it back. It now goes to the Assembly.

Pavley, a Democrat from Santa Monica, wanted mandatory smog checks for motorcycles. She says they’re more polluting than cars and that owners often make them worse by removing the catalytic converters.

The latest version of Pavley’s bill drops the smog-test provision. It now merely authorizes law enforcement officers to fine motorcyclists who remove the converters.

Pavley is one of those lunatic socialist politicians who is known for introducing wacky legislation, but the smog check for motorcycles seemed to be a certainty.  I do not know if it was public outcry or just a lucid moment on behalf of the State Senate.  Perhaps someone realized that the basis of the bill, a claim that motorcycles were responsible for 10% of all vehicle emissions in California, was a big fat lie and thought better of it, but the issue is dead for now.


~ by Ron Boyd on Tuesday,June 2, 2009.

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