Old School Riders Gunned Down

old school

From Cherry Creek News:

Old School Riders — Motorcycle murder in LA

Written by Staff

Three people were killed seven wounded Saturday in a drive-by shooting at a motorcycle club fundraiser in California, authorities said.The shooting occurred around 6:45 p.m. (9:45 p.m. ET) at a pizza restaurant in Pico Rivera, located about 15 miles east of Los Angeles, according to authorities.

“We don’t know what type of vehicle was involved or how many,” said Sgt. Ed Hummel of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

The event was being held by a group known as the Old School Riders. It is unclear whether the incident was random, Hummel added.The three people died at the scene. Their names are not being released pending notification of kin.Pico Rivera is a city about 15 miles east of Los Angeles.

3 Members of a group known as Old School Riders were killed by gunmen in vans as the were eating in a Pizziera in Los Angeles, Police have confirmed. Up to 10 members of the Old School Riders had gathered outside the pizziera to have a meal in what was deemed a party by the group. The Old School Riders is a renowned motorcycle riders group.

Gunfire was opened from a moving van and accurately, almost everyone was shot. There were 3 fatalities and the van sped off fast as it had come. The motorcycle riders had gathered outside the pizziera to have a party when 3 of them died and others got seriously injured.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s Deputy Keith Ho told Goldman News that 10 people gathered in the parking lot of the restaurant in Pico Rivera were fired at by gunmen in a moving van. The people were shot and seriously injured and 3 died from the shooting.

Police officer Ho confirmed that three people died on the spot after the shooting. The other seven members were hospitalized and were stable condition. No one inside the restaurant was injured during the shooting. Police are investigating whether the shooting was gang related.

Local News video

Detailed coverage at Crime Scene Blog


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  1. On Mrtyle Beach. Stop going just plain stop going if they don’t want us then we don’t want them, yes it hurts but why would you want to go where people don’t want you to come.

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