Billy Lane Speaks at Sentencing

Billy lane was sentenced to 6 years in prison last Friday, to be followed by 3 more years of probation and a lifetime suspension of driving privileges.  During the sentencing Lane made his first statement since the death of Gerald Morelock.  According to the MNO blog:

Billy Lane was then called to the stand and sworn in to make his statement. This would be the first time that Lane had spoken openly to the public about what happened and his feelings. Billy started out by saying I am here today to show everybody who I am, not who you think I am. Lane showed a great deal of remorse and came to tears on several occasions. He described how he had to pass by the spot where he killed Gerald Morelock almost every day and how he prayed for his soul and his family. Billy Lane admitted that he had made a bad decision and was not asking for pity for what had happened. He said he was sorry and asked forgiveness for taking the life of another human being. He stated that he was ready to accept the court’s decision and accepted responsibility for the death of Gerald Morelock. Though Billy showed a great deal of emotion during the hearing and when he spoke. He showed very little expression as his sentence was read.

You can read all the details of the sentencing at the MNO blog and watch the WESHtv news report Here.


~ by Ron Boyd on Monday,August 17, 2009.

4 Responses to “Billy Lane Speaks at Sentencing”

  1. Lengthy prison with no prior DUI’s sends the totally wrong message. Billy showed himself to be a better man already, in court. OK he rides fast, so what — today’s legal environment is totally slanted away from fairness for “bikers.” It’s another form of discrimination that we need to leave behind. I believe there may be grounds for appeal of the sentencing, but don’t know how that works in Florida. Having worked with Billy on a Soldiers Angels event for Daytona, and known him on and off for a few years, my opinion is — maybe less prison and more community service would be better for society and for him as well. Having anyone just rot in jail for 6 years considering all the elements of the case — however horrible — is just plain excessive. I have to hand it to the deceased family members, they showed a lot of class. So did Billy, like the man he really is.

  2. A three years sentence?? maybe 18 months with good time. I do hope that Billy Lane goes his time and community service. He is a good man who screwed up. He will do his time and move on with his life. I only hope that his remembers the man he killed and learns a valuable lesson from a tragic accident.

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